Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

10 things I love about my life:

1. My spouse is FINALLY a landed immigrant.
2. I have a great job.
3. We are about to adopt our son.
4. We have a warm house when the wind is HOWLING and the temperatures are frigid.
5. I have a reliable vehicle to get me to work and home again.
5. We have dental insurance - this makes me very happy considering the state of my teeth.
6. My whole family had a relatively healthy winter - especially compared to last year - and we now ALL have health insurance. (thanks again to Canada's practise regarding gay marriage :))
7. I can prune to my heart's content this summer
8. I have good friends and I got an email from D this morning.
9. I can watch soccer and UFC if I want to.
10. We have a nice comfortable, BIG bed.

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