Monday, April 7, 2008

Ear Piercing

On Saturday afternoon I got my ear pierced again. I am getting a spiral put in, but in order to have that done they have to make three holes and they have to heal first before they can go in and put the spiral in.
The last time I got my ear pierced they used a little gun thing and it was a snap and some stinging and all done. For this one, because it is through the cartilage, they use a hollow core needle and they actually core out the cartilage. Of course, it has to be done three times, with three different needles and they have to PUSH the suckers through my ear.
I didn't look at the needles before hand (good thing).

It was the most painful piercing I have ever had. It hurt more than any of my tattoos. It REALLY hurt. REALLY.

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