Monday, November 1, 2010

Always Drama

Deciding wether or not to take the boys out to trick or treat is drama. Max is incapable of thinking ahead and only wants to do what he is doing at the moment. To come inside and get dressed to go out is not at ALL what he is interested in. He just wants to keep playing on his bike and with his "wheelbarra".We finally got him in and dressed and then he would NOT stand and smile for a picture in his cowboy gear. Cj of course is always a willing participant and he stood close by and grinned.....

And then we put his eeyore costume on him and the smiles were no longer.
He did NOT want it on...
 But Since Max was not interested in wearing his cowboy hat, CJ was all over it.

 NOW we are ready to go! Eeyore the cowboy.

AH...Nope. Max wants to bike ride. 

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