Thursday, November 25, 2010

Who knows better....

We had a visit today from our foster care support worker. We are on hold as foster parents for six months because we have just completed the adoptions, but we haven't seen our support worker since late this summer and she wanted to stop by. She is wonderful (as long as we remember that everything we say to her can and will be documented!)  and Max in particular is fond of her which is great since he isn't really fond of many people. (Sounds like he IS genetically related to his mother and I!)

Anyway, she came over and brought us a beautiful bouquet as a congratulations on the adoptions and we were sitting at the kitchen table when Shel arrived from picking up school kids and brought in some groceries. She put the bags on the kitchen floor and went out to the vehicle for more. Max went over to the bags and started to unpack them and put stuff away. He brought out a frozen pizza and went to put it into the freezer of the mini-fridge. I said to him "That won't fit in there Maxie, it needs to go downstairs." He said "It will..." he put it in and shut the door. It fit.

Then he went to put something else in and he had to move a jar of pickles in the door to fit everything and he put the jar on the top shelf of the door. The lid of the jar was taller than the space allowed for and it hung out and appeared as though it would impede the closing of the door. The support worker and I both said " The door won't close Maxie." He said, "It will." and shut the door. I said to her, "I think we need to stay out of it, he obviously knows more about putting away groceries than you and I do!"

Shel called me tonight at work to see if I had any idea where he put the cucumber. I had no idea and would hate to even try and guess, but I was tempted for a minute to suggest to Shel she wake him and ask him where it was - in payback for EVERY night when he wakes us in the middle of the night!

Shel made Maxie and the support worker a cup of tea each. Max LOVES tea. They were sitting at the kitchen table together drinking tea and she said to him, "We both love tea, we will have to drink more tea together" to which he responded "At your house?!"

I know, every part of me knows, that he has disabilities, but in these moments like today I am just SOOO grateful for all that he understands and does and I put out of my mind for just one minute my concerns for the future, his and ours, and I bask in his personality. His growing, glowing personality.

My number one.


Mia Celeste said...

This is a nice story. I like how Max can tell what will fit. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Mia Celeste said...
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Mickey Blumental said...

What an incredible little boy! He sounds more fun than a barrel of genetically engineered Great Dane - Pandas.

With this attitude and spirit I'm sure he's going to be OK.

Teena in Toronto said...

He sounds like an awesome little guy!