Wednesday, November 10, 2010

last minute items

In 24 hours from now I will be in Utah. I have not been back since we moved in 2003. I am so excited to return I can hardly believe it. I am thrilled to be with my family and thrilled to see my friends - friends I have missed DESPERATELY.
My stay is extremely short and really the only purpose of this trip is to attend my sisters wedding.  I am still going to try and fit as much into the three days I am there as I possibly can.
I am equally as excited that after this weekend I will be away from home only one more time for school and then my trips are OVER. At the beginning of September when I was looking forward and considering all of the travelling I was about to embark on it made me a little sick to my stomach - not because I have a problem with travelling, but because I HATE being away from my family so much.
My kids have suffered, my puppy training has suffered, my spouse has suffered, and basically all of our life has been on "hold" for the past few months and I have focused on school. So while I am excited to go to Utah, I am excited to get home. I am excited for life to resume "as normal".
I am excited to settle in and hibernate with my brood for the winter.
But before I can focus on that I have to get through the next two weeks. I have to find my passport, pack a suitcase, and shave my legs...... and it all brings me closer to home.

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