Sunday, November 28, 2010

Currents: November 2010

Current mood: Happy

Current movie: I've been watching the Bee Movie with CJ today

Current TV Show: Right this minute I am watching the Grey Cup. The only CFL game I have seen this year.

Current book: DragonQuest

Current song: Christmas music!

Current album: none....

Current food: Pasta

Current drink: Water

Current color: White

Current Beauty Product: Sleep

Current celebrity crush: Cally - Sara Ramirez

Current Project: Finishing my Stats Class and getting ready for the final exam

Current need: Pasta

Current guilty pleasure(s): Roasted Chestnuts

Current annoyance: -39 temperatures

Current excitement: Finishing my class this weekend.

Current triumph: Finishing Stats!

Current anticipation: Going for our first ever FAMILY (post adoption) pictures.

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