Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday 13: Things to bring back to Canada from the USA

Today I am travelling to Utah for my sister's wedding.
I am testing this "scheduled" blog post option to post this blog while I am actually in the air on the plane, so we will see what happens and how it works!

We have lived in Canada for 8 years. We have become accustomed to living in Canada but without doubt there are items we miss from the USA and which I need to find space for in my luggage.
Here are some things I am bringing back with me....

1. Chewy Spree. "It's a kick in the mouth!"
2. Mrs. See's Nuts and Chews. (or my spouse will put me right back on the plane!)

3. Dramamine. Gravol just doesn't cut it!

4. Ketchup. Canadian Ketchup has a LOT of sugar in it.

5. Doctor Pepper. Yes it's true - the USA has a different recipe for D.P.

6.  Peanut M and M's

7.  Almond Mars Bars

8. Snelgrove Chocolate Ice Cream - but I guess they don't make it anymore. We would have to make adjustments to our lifestyle even if we had stayed in the USA!

9. Chorizo.

And some things I can't bring back with me, but that I will have while I am in the USA:

10.  A seven layer Burrito from Taco Bell...

11. A bacon, egg and cheese biscuit from MacDonald's

12.  Mexican Food....... (Taco Bell does not really count as Mexican food)

13. Oh, and Mexican Food.

(and I am going to bring back a sweatshirt from my alma mater - Weber State... (pronounced WEE-ber, not  "WEB - er").


Dan Schwent said...

You can only get the Mars with Almonds at Wal-Mart. It was phased out in most places in favor of the Snickers with almonds a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Sugar smacks! Big packs of gum! I notice your list is all about food :). So maybe you should add mentholatum and bayer baby aspirin (now just plain ole 81mg aspirin with orange flavor.)

Will you be looking at electronics, clothes or kids toys? They may be less expensive here.

Anonymous said...

Chorizo goes very well with corn tortillas!

Teena in Toronto said...

A friend of mine goes to Buffalo often to load up on Cherry Coke ... sounds nasty to me.

Retro Girl said...

When we visit my hubby's family near Toronto--that's one thing I miss from home (U.S.) is biscuits! and McD's egg bacon & cheese Bagel breakfast sandwiches or english muffin ones at restaurants are rubbery!

When we go to Canada and return, we like to bring back Ketchup chips (we used to bring dill pickle ones back, but we finally got them in the US!), Aero bars, Smarties (although I still like M&Ms better...being an American. Hubby swears by Smarties!lol), hamburger relish. When we're there--he has to have Tim Hortons of course, and Swiss