Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thrifty Car Rental - what you should know if you are a Canadian (or a sucker)

My second online booking story...

I booked a rental car online (on Expedia.ca) It was a great price.

I went to pick up the vehicle and the man asked me for proof of my own auto insurance coverage.
I had nothing ON PAPER to prove I was insured. My credit card insures me, AND I am covered somehow through CAA (I am pretty sure) because I am an CAA member and I have personal vehicle insurance through CAA.

NO-WHERE on the website where I booked the vehicle does it say that I need to provide WRITTEN proof of insurance when I booked the vehicle online. No where does it say there may be additional charges. He could not prove to me - in anything he had written (like a policy manual) other than saying "It's company policy" that I take their insurance if I cannot prove in writing that I am insured. In fact, I'm calling the company. It is complete garbage that they can advertise and rent cars on a Canadian website and then when you get there tell you that because you are Canadian there are additional charges to you.
What a crock o' garbage.

When I returned the car to the parking garage I couldn't find where to drop the keys and there was no attendant. I looked outside in the parking garage, which happens to be the furthest away from the terminal and there are no luggage carts nearby, and since I couldn't find anything there I went inside, carrying my three bags with great difficulty.


So I had to go BACK outside, and did I mention it was the FURTHEST away from the terminal? I finally found a drop box and dropped my keys, but I hated it (mostly because I was still carrying my three bags with difficulty). There was no-one to verify mileage. No-one to verify the condition of the car and the gas level. I had to just walk away and trust that they would be honest - and I already didn't trust them! We will see what happens when I get my credit card statement.

And oh - to the man in Salt Lake that works at the National Car Rental -you are not a great rep for your company! I was completely lost and didn't know what to do with keys and I asked him for help. He said he didn't know what I was talking about. I simply don't believe it. Even if it was his first day on the job he must have had a guess as to what goes on in the parking garage. I know it wasn't his company - but he was not interested in even TRYING to help me. So I wont ever rent from National Car rental in the future either!

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Teena in Toronto said...

Good to know! My credit cards cover the insurance so I never buy theirs.