Tuesday, November 16, 2010

United Airlines SUCK

I just flew to my sisters wedding. I booked my flight and rental car on Expedia.ca
I have to just say that I have now used online booking for three different things and for all three I have not had a good experience, so I won't likely use it again. In all cases I DID read the small print and in all three cases there were additional, UNEXPECTED charges, which I think is completely unethical.

My flights were booked on Air Canada. My confirmation and my itinerary states that for all legs of my journey I am flying on Air Canada. In fact, from Calgary to Denver, Denver to Salt Lake and back I was on United.

When I went and checked in on my return flight (everything is automated now and there is only someone there to give you a print off for your checked bags and not assist you in any other way) I went through the steps and checked in and was told that because I was checking ONE bag - I had to pay an additional 25 dollars.

I think this is a load of garbage. I paid for my ticket. I had ONE bag, not even a suitcase, and when I checked it in Canada on my way to the USA I didn't pay anything, why should I pay anything to bring it  back?

It wasn't an additional bag. It wasn't an over sized bag. It wasn't even a suitcase. It was a piece I checked on one leg of my journey and had to pay to bring home. If I have a choice I will never fly United again. What could I do? I had absolutely no choice. I had to bring my stuff home with me - the stuff I took with me. I couldn't leave it there. They trap you and then make money off you and they don't notify you in any way in advance.

Their line-ups suck, but that has something to do with people not knowing how to use automated check in's in airports. However, the lady next to me checking in kept getting a message that her passport would not be read. Whose fault was that? Certainly not hers. What was she supposed to do about it when there wasn't anyone to help her? What is the point of having automated services when you need as many bodies to make sure they work as you think you are replacing by spending so much money to have them installed?

Oh - they also break guitars:


Melody said...

Hey I think I sat in that car at the Newgate Mall.

Teena in Toronto said...

This was a great video ... I haven't watched it in a while.