Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Looking back

I have been looking back at some old blogs that I wrote a few years ago. It is wild to think I have been blogging for a few years already. I used to do some things that I really enjoyed. One was Ten on Tuesday where a topic would be posted and people would all respond to the topic with their own ten responses. I haven't done it in so long I had forgotten about it and when I went back to the place it was originally hosted it is no longer there.

I liked it so much I wondered if I could start up a new Ten on Tuesday blog myself. Is there some kind of Internet etiquette about stuff like that? Is it possible for me to start up my very on Ten on Tuesday blog for people to come and participate in? Is that stealing an idea and is it "unacceptable"? And if it IS an "o.k." thing to do, how do you get people to participate in something like that? I have been thinking about it all night and all day today.

Another thing I used to post quite frequently were "conversations in bed". Things that came up in conversation with my spouse that I found humorous. I don't know why I stopped that one either except that we had children and our bedtime conversations lapsed into stupors of exhaustion. If we DID talk I likely forgot about what was said before I ever made it back to a computer. But I enjoyed those posts and I would like to start them again.

Last night I had a conversation with Max at about 3am when he came into the room for the tenth time and I finally gave in and let him onto the bed.

I actually did not converse much because I was still in a dream state, but Max said to me
"When I get big I am going to wear your pants and eat peanuts." (He is allergic to peanuts, but I have some peanut M and M's from the USA which he has seen and asked about.)

I can see his interest in Peanuts, but wear my pants? Really?!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that as long as you fess-up to the fact that it isn't your idea, nobody would have a problem with you doing a Ten on Tuesdays thing. Most people who take part in all those weekly memes, expect people to be posting links to their own responses in the comments section anyway. In all the blogs I read each week, I see lots of people participating in Ten on Tuesdays or something similar and many don't have any sort of comment about where the idea originated. I don't know if there is really any etiquette or not.

I have been actively trying to stay away from memes, but I think if you started one Julie, I would make an honest effort to take part.

Teena in Toronto said...

I used to do lots of memes but have gotten away from them.