Sunday, November 7, 2010

hot feet

One thing I actually LIKE about travelling is showering in hotel rooms. The shower in our house basically sucks, and showers in hotel rooms are USUALLY powerful, hot and clean. I like them.
This morning I wanted to grab a quick shower before I hit the road. I put the water on as hot as I could and then added just a smooge of cold water - just the way I like it. When I pulled the knob to get the shower head activated the water didn't ALL come out of the shower head, some water still gushed into the tub. The water pressure from the shower head still seemed ok and I couldn't get any more water to come out so I jumped in.
Well it seems as though the COLD water was coming through the shower head just fine but the HOT water was all  running into the tub. Running into the tub faster than it was draining so I was in the water up to my ankles.
That water was FREAKING hot. I still wanted to shower, I didn't want to mess about with trying to get hotter water through the shower head, so I tried to wash myself and my hair as fast a s I could, all the time standing on one leg and then the next, on tippy toes - because my feet were burning, burning, burning, in the hot water. The water was getting deeper and hotter every second that passed. I would lift one foot onto the side of the tub for a second then turn around and lift the other foot out of the scalding water while I tried to get clean.
I managed to perform my ablutions as quickly as possible, JUMPED out of the tub and dressed. I left the hotel, drove through Tim Hortons and got on the road home. About an hour later I stopped at a small gas station to fill up before I headed into the mountains. As I stepped out of the vehicle to pump the gas I laughed out loud. I was wearing my Birkenstocks and my poor feet were RED as cherries - right up to my ankles.
Oh the silly things I do to myself.

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Teena in Toronto said...

I stayed in a hotel in Montreal on Sunday and had a crappy tub :(