Saturday, October 30, 2010


Halloween is a holiday I like the "idea" of, but I haven't really grasped the whole thing yet - not to the fullest anyway. Where I grew up there was no recognition of this holiday and so I didn't grow up with the idea of celebrating Halloween. I love the idea of carving pumpkins, but so far I have not successfully carved any with my kids. I like the IDEA of trick or treating, but so far we haven't taken the boys every year (this is in part due to their disabilities and not my lack of interest though!)
I want to decorate, but haven't done it yet. I want to  hang little ghosts in the trees - haven't done it yet.
Thankfully my boys are young and I have many years ahead of me to get my desires for this holiday translated into reality.
One of the other things that I don't "get" about the holiday is how it is celebrated on different days depending on where you are... In some places, like Utah, there is no trick or treating on Sunday. I don't think it's a law - but maybe it is? And if it is a law how can you legislate a holiday? If it isn't legislated then it is the culture of the communities that dictate that there is no trick or treating on Sunday - which is also weird to me.
Tonight I am driving home from school and I am in Prince George. I stopped at a red light as I drove into town and walking across the street in front of me were two adults, one dressed as a vampire and the other as a frog. Strange. Isn't Halloween tomorrow? Is it like Christmas - where it is "ok" to decorate early and walk around dressed up? I stopped to get gas and a guy was in the station dressed as a zombie with full mask on. Even though I KNOW it is Halloween tomorrow it still made me feel a bit weird. I thought he was about to rob the place.  I still have some acclimating to do.
Today when I was sitting in class the lady sitting next to me was looking through magazines to find some easy appetizers she could make for a Halloween party she is having tonight at her house. She decided on a seven layer dip with the sour cream on the top layer in the pattern of a spider web and some shrimp arranged on a tray to look like a brain. Easy, quick and fun ideas, but do I need to have a party to make them myself?  She said every year she buys one magazine with Halloween ideas and then keeps them all and goes back through them for different ideas. Apparently the Martha Steward Halloween volume is now recycling ideas they used 7 or 8 years ago. FOR SHAME Martha, FOR SHAME!
She saw this CUTE idea for a Halloween breakfast with fried eggs and bacon made to look like a skull and crossbones. I won't be home in the morning, but my boys LOVE when we cook bacon and eggs, so it's something I will try even if my timing is a bit off!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to bacon n eggs and little ghosts inour leafless trees!

Teena in Toronto said...

We hid in the spare room last night with the living room and kitchen lights off. Hee hee hee!