Friday, October 1, 2010

My trip to class today: Bijoux Falls British Columbia

I left really early this morning to travel to class. I was tired and travelling in the dark too long and I was starting to struggle a bit. I stopped at every opportunity I had to pull into a rest area. It made the trip a little longer, but it kept me awake! Once the sun came out it was a lot easier to stay awake and I also managed to see some cool things. I stopped at Bijoux Falls Provincial park and took some pictures of the waterfall.

And here's the view as I was getting back onto the road...

I was also drinking a lot of water to help keep me awake. I don't know if the water actually did anything to keep me awake but I had to stop to go to the bathroom FIVE times before I was halfway through the trip - so that sure helped! Last week when I drove I ate sunflower seeds to help keep myself awake but I ate so many that the lining of my mouth was completely fried. I don't know which is better - burning the mouth lining or needing to urinate like a racehorse. Either way, the scenery is sure nice!

I will just add this last comment... Nothing turned me around faster than trucking through the bush to find a spot to relieve myself and coming upon this sign! That little adrenaline burst woke me up enough to put few good miles behind me quickly.

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