Saturday, October 9, 2010

fall day

We spent the afternoon at Prairie Gardens north of Edmonton today with the cousins and gramma. The boys had a fabulous time. Max loved the bunnies and CJ thought the goats existed for him alone. Shel said we need to get goats for him!
They weren't too interested in making their own scarecrow, but Max spent a fair amount of time climbing the jungle gym and going down the slide and CJ found a toy backhoe and played in the dirt.
We did go for a ride on the wagon pulled by the tractor and Shel's shoe fell off. Thankfully Justin was there to jump to the rescue and retrieve it for her. Des found a wagon to put all our bags into and Justin became the designated wagon puller, most times with CJ and Max in it as well as all our junk.
Des and Shel partnered up in the petting zoo and made sure the bunnies crates were moved out of the sun and given fresh water!
Right at the end of the day CJ got stung on his finger by a bee - poor baby - but the day was a great success and it was wonderful to spend the time with the cousins. We made some great memories. Tomorrow we are celebrating Thanksgiving with everyone. It has been a LONG time since we have been with family for Thanksgiving, and I am grateful!


Teena in Toronto said...

Do you have room in your yard for goats? :)

JCB said...

we have about six acres.... probably enough for a goat or two!