Saturday, October 2, 2010

Burns Lake Cemetery

On of my favorite blogs is The Bumbles Blog. On September 22nd the Bumbles posted about cemeteries and posted photos from their local cemetery. I love them and the post made me realize how many years it has been since I have visited one myself. I have been thinking about it ever since and so as I was driving to class and passing small cemeteries in the small communities I wanted to stop and check them all out. In Burns Lake I pass the town cemetery every time I leave the motel and go to the high school where my class is taught. After my brain numbing experience with stats today I knew I needed to spend some time outside and decided it was the perfect opportunity to go for a walk and take some photos. Here is what I came away with.

 There was a blend of headstones, from very old to very new. This one was wood and had no inscription anywhere.

 I really liked all the different styles of markers. I have been in cemeteries where the markers are all uniform and not so visually interesting to me. (Military markers excluded).

 I found this inscription particularly interesting - it says "first white settler". I wish I had more time to explore the history of this region and find out more about Jacob. There were quite a few markers with dates from the late 1800's - for the west coast that's impressive.

  I hope you enjoyed that little walk as much as I did!


The Bumbles said...

I love your photos - especially the last one. Such walks are peaceful and educational. Glad you were inspired to take a stroll!

Mickey Blumental said...

Very nice. I wish we had such nice walks nearby...

NorthernLights101 said...

My Great Grandmother is buried in this cemetery, and I try to
visit every few years.
This year I am taking my daughter with me.
Lovely pictures. Thank you.