Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three Beautiful Things

1. Our great dane puppy. He is 11 months old now and I love him. He is such a baby in so many ways, but he is a great protector of his family. A contractor came to the house today and Hugo didn't leave my side the whole time and made sure the contractor knew who was boss! In our small community in a house with two women and two boys I am happy that we will have a reputation for having a ferocious dog - even if he isn't.
(And by the way - he barks at EVERY person that ever comes into our house or yard and he didn't bark ONCE at my mom!)

2. My sons imagination. I looked after the boys over my lunch hour in my office the other day so Shel could go to the Doctor without them. I have in the office a large size game of Jenga which Max started to play with. I told him he had built a magnificent road, to which he replied - "It's not a road mom, it's a sidewalk." We live way out in the country on an acreage and there are no sidewalks. Where did he learn about sidewalks? In any case, I love him and his imagination.

3. My spouse.  My spouse is beautiful for many reasons, but today she is beautiful because she took Max to school and took the baby with her and so I was able to sleep. GLORIOUS SLEEP.
So beautiful.


Mickey Blumental said...

You are very lucky! Anyone needs at least one adorable child, one adorable Great Dane and one adorable spouse.

You have two kids and one Great Dane and I have one kid and two Great Danes, but I get you! ;)

Your boys are super cute and clever.

Teena in Toronto said...

Awesome things ... you're lucky!