Tuesday, October 19, 2010

99 things to do.. Number 43

So I have this list of 99 things to do during the year of 2010. On my list, Number 43 is the following:

43. Cook a dutch oven meal!(COMPLETE OCTOBER 2010) Cooked with my mom on her visit and it was YUMMY!

Though I can't pin down where or when, I know I have eaten a meal cooked in a dutch oven and the memory I have of the experience has lasted even though nothing else about the experience did!
So I have wanted a dutch oven for as long as I can remember. We have looked and looked for one - including looking online - and had no luck finding anything we could afford to get. Dutch ovens are very heavy and so to order one online is impossible because the shipping and handling costs are redonkulous.

This summer Shel found one and brought it home for me as a gift and I was thrilled beyond words. I got some dutch oven cook books and cooking a meal for the family jumped to the top of my list of things to do. Unfortunately soon after getting the dutch oven, a fire ban was imposed in our municipal district. No fire = no food. So we waited.

My mom was here with us for just three days. The time flew by so fast but we managed to fit a lot of stuff into the short time she was here and we managed to get a meal cooked in the dutch oven! The recipe book makes me laugh because in my mind dutch oven cooking is something you do out while you are camping and not when you have access to all the amenities of "home". This cookbook we have gives instructions to do things like use your food processor, refrigerator and other things that to me would not be available while camping. Thankfully our fire pit is 20 feet from the back door of the house so I DO have access to everything I need.
We used the food processor and blended bread, garlic, salt and pepper, egg yolk, and lemon juice.
Then we pounded the chicken to 1/2 and inch think and covered both sides of the chicken with the mixture. The recipe didn't call for it but we put potatoes and carrots in the pot also and put it on the fire. The whole thing took about an hour to cook.

I am thrilled that we were able to use the dutch oven even if it was only "once" this whole season. My mom and I had fun cooking together and the meal was awesome.
According to the recipe book you can cook it in the oven just as easily and we liked the recipe enough we might try it. Here is a picture before it was quite finished:


The Bumbles said...

I'm a big fan of food cooked over an open flame. Glad you were able to use your oven - and with mom to boot. What fun!

Oh - and in reviewing your list you've gotten 46 items completed! That's redonkulous ;0)

Unknown said...

what a good idea. i am going to make a list for 2011!
-jennie (12 of 12-er)