Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Surgery again

This time last year we were just finished with Maxies surgery to put tubes in his ears and have his adenoids removed. A year has made an incredible difference in his hearing and in his speech. Then this summer he started to get ear infections it seemed on a weekly basis. We finally got a referral back to the specialist and Shel took him in today. First of all the appointment was ridiculous.
He was scheduled and on time for the scheduled appointment. Then Shel had to wait with him and Ceejer in the waiting room for TWO AND A HALF HOURS. I do understand that doctors get behind, but to have two small children in a waiting room for that long is outrageous - especially when they have an appointment time and they were there for it! Let's not add that it takes over an hour and a half drive time just to GET to the appointment in the first place.
Poor Shel. I feel ridiculously bad that she had to do it herself. It is difficult to do with two people, let alone one person.
I know that some people reading this might think two kids are easy to handle, but let me assure, you, two kids with FASD .... total other ballpark.
After waiting for an inordinate amount of time, the doc saw Maxie and made his prediction. Another surgery.
His adenoids have regrown (last time he had them out they were the size of plums) and he needs tubes back in his ears. They are booking for November, so we will wait and get a call from the hospital for the surgery.
I know he needs it, and it will surely help his breathing and his ear infections, but surgery again is a nightmare. He does not react well to the anesthesia and coming out of anesthesia is beyond words. Last year he was still "little" enough to hold, but he is a big boy - a four year old wearing sized six and seven clothing. 
And November - winter will have arrived, so it is a trip in the winter. In November I am still going to classes and November is my sister's wedding in Utah which I have booked a flight for already. Another pretty busy month.
My poor boy - apparently these adenoids can keep growing back and back and back. Nice!

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