Friday, October 22, 2010

relaxing this weekend

I am looking forward to this weekend in a way I have not looked forward to a weekend in my recent memory.
I don't have to travel to school. My homework for my stats class has been faxed to my instructor. There is a check in at work on Sunday and I am not doing it! This week was a check out week at work and what we call a "back to back" - which means the kids check out on Friday and new kids arrive Sunday. These weekends are always insanely busy with inspections, cleaning, and getting everything ready for new students, but this was the smoothest checkout I recall in 7 years of back to backs.
I completed the survey of exiting students that I needed to. I submitted the proposal for a contract that I needed to. I took some instructors on a tour which I scheduled poorly, but it turned out well anyway. I can shut the door, turn off the lights, and forget about everything until the craziness starts again on Monday.
Next week I have four events scheduled in four days and then back to school on Friday morning in the winter weather. Starting next weekend I am away for four consecutive weekends, three for school and one to my sisters wedding in Utah where I haven't been since 2003. It will be the craziest 30 days of my life this year.
Maybe we might even get a call that the adoption's are complete? Wouldn't that just be a pip!
Just a stop at the grocery store to get some "supplies" for the weekend and pajamas ..... here I come!

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Teena in Toronto said...

I've had a busy week ... I plan on doing zippo this weekend. Yay!