Wednesday, September 29, 2010

time for class again

It is already time for me to get ready to leave for class again. WOW that two weeks went by a little too quickly! I have some homework to finish up and print off and I made sure I went to the library and picked up some books on CD for the drive. It is funny how quickly perspective changes on distances when you are driving ten hours each way every two weeks. All of a sudden the six hours to my brothers place for Thanksgiving seems like a walk in the park!
I had to laugh at my books on CD choices this time. Our little library has a limited selection of audiobooks - about three racks. I stood in front of them and went back and forth and picked up one here and one there and then put them back and picked others. I finally chose three and checked them out. When I got home and moved them from the truck I looked at them more closely and saw I had checked out two from the same author! (Elizabeth Berg)
I just  heard on the radio that October was national Book month. YAY! I think I will celebrate somehow - as if I need an excuse to read while I am in school.

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