Friday, September 24, 2010

I have completely lost my marbles

I am sleep deprived and I have to head back to BC for class in 7 days. This time next week I will be well over half the way back to class. I have homework to do and reading to do to get ready for class and I have to work this weekend again. Have I mentioned I am tired?
I went yesterday on my lunch hour to the library to return the books on tape I took out last week for the trip. I have to check out some more for next week, but my trip yesterday was PURELY to return the CD's.

Of the 4 CD's I checked out I listened to two completely (one of them was ridiculously long) and I started the third but didn't like it so I stopped listening before the first cd was over. I didn't get a chance to listen to the fourth.

So after I checked the CD's back I just decided to "walk" through and "see" what books they had. I was not checking out any books. I keep telling myself I am NOT doing any "fun" reading until my class is finished.

I picked some books up and put them back. I picked some others up and thought I would check them out "just in case". Just in case what?

I checked out with NINE... count them NINE books. Ai ai ai ai ai. I have lost my mind completely. I am an addict. I told myself I would not read any until my homework was done.  Last night I picked up a book and started it while I was watching tv premieres.
Shoot me now.


Dan Schwent said...

I'm tired just imaging the drive to BC.

So... what books did you check out?

Ranavan said...

I would offer to lend you soome of my marbles but I only have one left and it is hanging in the balance :P