Sunday, September 12, 2010

12 of 12: September

Chad Darnell is the host of this most excellent monthly meme. Check out his blog and other 12 of 12 participants by linking HERE.
Here is a trip though my day....

Son number one wants to play outside with his wagon - which he calls a "wheelbarra".
He has two planks of wood holding up his platform and then items on top of his platform. He has to stop every now and then to readjust everything. I told him he was not allowed out without a toque because the wind was pretty cold and he dug out a toque on put it on! Long gone are the days he fought to take them off his head.

2. 10:30 am
The leaves are changing colours and it is still the first weeks of September. It feels too soon to me.
3. 12pm.
Trying to get some laundry done before heading to work. There is too much to do and somehow clean items keep ending up on the floor with much help from Great Dane Hugo who knocks them off with his head. The mums the boys got me are looking beautiful.
4. 1:30
Washing the floor in the boys bedroom. It is taking me too long to get this done with all the additional little feet pattering in and out of the room. The boys dumped talcum powder and corn starch all over the floor and the vacuum was just not getting it up.

5. 2:00pm
Shel's idea for washing the boys cars - also covered in powder and corn starch. I thought it was a great idea - anything better than washing each one by hand.

6. 3pm

Headed to work I stop in at the post office. I always "forget" to pick up the mail - translation - I hate stopping for the mail. The flowers are still looking good. Some flowers at our house didn't even bloom this year.

7. 3pm
Town is dead on a Sunday afternoon.

8. 3:30pm
Dropping off an overdue book at the library. I have five more days until I officially begin school again and I have to put my reading on hiatus for a few months so I get my damnable thesis written and my coursework done. I am not happy about my farewell to books. I have four books to finish this week.

9. 4pm
I arrived at work for check in and saw the picture my son drew for me and put up on my office wall yesterday. It brought a smile to my face. he couldn't find tape to hang it up with so he hung it with playdoh.

10: 5pm

Check in orientation. Every time I book this room for a check in something is missing. Today it was the overhead projector. I improvised and used the smart board. For never having used a smart board before I was impressed with my skill of getting it up and running.

11. 7pm. Headed home for the night there was a beautiful rainbow. I was trying to get the Rainbow and this old building into one picture but the angles were all wrong. This picture turned out better than any of the rainbow ones!

12. A rainbow one...

Everyone seems to post a photo of a meal. This is my meal for the day. Salad with lettuce, croutons, cucumber, cheese and mushroom. I was missing my chick peas - which for me is absolutely necessary for a salad to be complete - but I ate it anyway!


Ursl said...

Nice pics. I love the one with the rainbow. Magic moment!
Hugz Ursl

Dan Schwent said...

Love the old building. Do cars get clean in the dishwasher?

I wish it was toque weather down hear. I think it hit 85 today.

Teena in Toronto said...

Looks like a busy day!

Gord returned an overdue book to the library for me today.

Gorgeous rainbow!

Lipp said...

I also like the old building...and your sons wagon-contraption!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

I wish I could put my car in the washing machine!!

I like the picture of son number one fixing the wheelbarra! Ah, boys!!
The old building is very poetic ; I always try to imagine the story of those old houses... who lived there? A happy family, a single old person with a bad temper? If walls could talk...

Thank you for sharing your day!

kerri said...

Waiiit, the PROJECTOR was missing?! Oh snap! Glad you got the smartboard running, they're pretty rad!

TJ said...

Nice 12 of 12 really like the old building and the rainbow also like the one with the hose used to clean up. thanks for sharing and w'll see you next month

Mara Zeitspieler said...

Thanks for your comment on my 12 of 12!
The brickwork is kind of typicial for the region I'm living in.
I am very fond of it, too :)
Greetings from Germany
Mara Zeitspieler

Jill said...

Oh my... the kids are definitely creative. I love the picture hanging with playdoh. :)

I agree about the salad... it's just not the same without chick peas.

Thanks for sharing your day.

Pete Cullen said...

Wow the town really is dead isn't it? Can almost see the tumbleweed :)

Lovely set of photos too Julie, especially the rainbow that's a lovely moment to capture.

Dogeared said...

Love the picture stuck up with Play-Doh :D And hee - if only everything could be magically washed by putting it in the dishwasher! (if only I HAD a dishwasher...!!)

(sorry my comment is late!)