Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clean in time for Halloween?

It has been a wicked week of illness at our house. With three our of four of us down for the count the house has fallen into a state of disarray. Let it be known that four people can make one heck of a mess! Being sick has really mucked the boys schedules also. The baby is feeling miserable so he takes these little cat naps all say, but the medicine he is on really amps him up. He has these bursts of energy at very inopportune times - like when I am ready for bed. When he was in the hospital they were giving him pure adrenaline. Ever seen a 2 year old on pure adrenaline? It's quite something to witness. It's something else to be in a hospital room with one.

It hasn't helped things that this is one of the first weeks back to school for the kids in college, which means work has been busier for me in the past few weeks than it has been since the end of May. Long hours, lots of after hours calls, many days worked consecutively, and coming in on weekends. It WILL settle down, it does every year, but in the meantime these weeks are brutal. Add to that the fact that my classes start in 6 days, and the stress is on!

The weather is changing. The boys want to play outside still but today they had to wear toques for the first time this season. A lady I checked in at work tonight said it was snowing when she left today to travel here from her home - a few hours south west of us. YIKERS!

I spent the morning trying to get a jump start on catching up cleaning. The boys bedroom floor had to be steam cleaned, their trucks and cars washed. I was doing laundry, vacuuming, folding laundry, picking up garbage, cleaning floors, and when I stopped cleaning to get ready for work you couldn't tell I had done anything. It will take two or three times as long to get cleaned up as it took to get us into this mess, and with all the travel we are going to be doing in the next little while that will delay us further. I am hoping for a clean house right around say... Halloween?



Anonymous said...

Toques in September? Oh how quickly I forget. Why am I moving back to Canada again? *Shudder*

Teena in Toronto said...

You said the "S" word ... shame on you! :)