Friday, January 2, 2009

27 Months

Dear Max,

I have been a neglectful parent and haven't written to you for a few months, I am sorry, I will try not to let it happen again. Your mom took this beautiful picture of you yesterday. I love it, it shows you in a moment of pure laughter. You have many of these moments each day but we rarely capture them on television camera.

I have been off from work for about ten days over the Christmas break and you and I have had lots of fun. You are SUCH a tease, you make me laugh (and sometimes frustrate me) every day.

Christmas this year was a lot like last year, we opened gifts in stages because it was just too exciting. You have been completely captivated this year with decorations and lights - especially lights. When you woke up each morning the first thing you would do was go into the living room to make sure the lights of the tree were on. Then off. Then on. Then off. The tree didn't actually last long because your mom and I were worried you were about to burn the place down and so we removed it, but while it was up you loved every minute of it.

You are still fascinated with cords and electricity. We purchased some plug covers that "lock in" and put them into every outlet. It took you less time to get them out than it took me to figure out how to put them in and "lock" them. In fact, as i type this you are carrying around a lamp that you found somewhere and looking for outlets to plug in into. We also currently have the vacuum held hostage in the bathroom because neither your mother nor I could handle the vacuum obsession one more minute. (hint - If you turned it on and left it on it would be less irritating, however I think by the time you are able to read this your desire to clean will have passed. Just a feeling I have. )

It was quite the exercise of restraint for me and an example of just how much I love you. we decorated together and you helped and I didn't move ONE thing that you put on! As you get older you will come to understand what a significant show of love this is for me! You love to hang things around your neck and you were particularly enthralled by the garland, which you took off the tree daily and wore around your neck. I don't know why, but you thought the ends of the garland belonged in the ears of everyone - human and pet alike - and you went around trying to put garland ends in our ears.

You are so smart. I was on the phone with Auntie Marie telling her how you had eaten a dozen candy canes as we were decorating the tree but that now I had made sure there were none within your reach. As if to prove me wrong, and to show that you were completely aware of what I was saying, you pulled a chair into the living room from the kitchen as I was speaking and got up on the chair and retrieved a candy cane. I asked you for it and you gave it to me, so I think you also remember how sick they made you! Usually if I ask you for something that you have (like the remote control or phone) you throw it away as though you have no association with the thing I am requiring.

Your mom and I were making a list of groceries and your mom asked if I was out of coke. I have been reducing my caffeine intake over the holidays and I didn't know if I had any or not. I told your mom I wasn't sure how many cokes were left, but you went to the kitchen and brought me one to show us we did indeed have some left. Each time you show by your actions that you understand us I wish you were talking. I would love to hear your 27 month old perspective!

I need to go and see what you are doing. You are being conspicuously quiet in the kitchen which is never a good thing.

I love you my MaxMan.


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