Monday, December 29, 2008

Talking with the whales

This morning my family took me in to outpatients to see the doc about the pain I am in. On the way into town my spouse asked my son to sing for me to make me feel better. He sang me the prettiest, wordless song.
When we arrived at outpatients, I checked in and went promptly into the bathroom to continue puking. I started to puke this morning as a result I think of the combination of every pain medication I could put my hands on in the house and the pain.
I had Max with me while Shel parked and brought the baby in. Max got to come with me to the bathroom and watch me vomit into a garbage can while sitting on the toilet! Lucky little guy.
When I thought I was all done we went out to the lobby to wait and be called back. I made the comment to Shel that I felt I was going to puke again - to which my son responded by picking up the garbage can from under the seat and giving it to me to puke into!

How could I not feel a TEENY bit better after that?

p.s. The doctor did see me, he looked into my mouth and suggested I see a dentist! He gave me pain pills and antibiotics to get started on and we came home. On the way home Shel had to pull over a few times for me to puke some more. I have heard of "dry heaves" before and I just assumed it was retching when there was nothing in your stomach. I got a whole new perspective of dry heaves today let me tell you. Pulled over on a side road, in plain view of everyone driving down the highway, because I had nothing in my stomach, my stomach and throat constricted and tried to force something out of my gut that was not there. As a result of there being nothing to expel, my body tried to turn my esophagus inside out and violently force it up my throat and out of my mouth, and nose. That hurts. In addition to the pain my body was making WEIRD noises that sounded like something from a planet earth video of whales communicating. Had we been in any kind of proximity of whales I am certain their ears would have burned with the things I was screaming. Nothing like burning stomach acid coming through your nose on the side road in the dead of winter to make the holidays seem merry and bright!

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