Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vehicle frustration

Last month my SU and I traded in our old van for a newer van.
When we purchased the van and left the building (I am leaving out the gory stress details) they gave us one key and said they had another key somewhere but at the time they couldn't find it.
So we have been using just one key for a month or so.
Earlier this week my SU went back to the dealership to ask if they had found the second key. They hadn't, but it is impractical for us to only have one key and so we needed to get another key cut.
They were more than happy to cut us another key and then CHARGE us over $100.00 bucks for the second key.
I think while they were cutting the key, they told my SU to bend over and take one up the butt.
SERIOUSLY. After the money we paid for the vehicle and the key they COULD NOT FIND when we were there on the day of purchase, they have the nerve to charge us an additional $100.00 for another key. What a freaking joke. It makes me SOOOOO mad how they take every opportunity to gouge customers who are in no position to just walk away.
And then the government bails out the auto industry! I am aggravated.


Ranavan said...

You should have gotten a Subaruuuuu! They give you 2 keys ;)

JCB said...

So do you have a SUUUUUbaRUUUUUU?
You need to post some pictures!

Ranavan said...

I am getting the Suuuuubaaaaaruuuuu today - will post some photos soon.