Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doing Homework

I am a procrastinator of the grandest proportions. I am registered in a class right now and the requirements of the class include handing in 4 papers and doing a project and report on the project.

Now any other reasonable person would have done this work ages ago - considering the class is over this Friday. I was stressed about not having done anything until I went to class last weekend and discussed with other students how few of them had handed in assignments either. I felt some relief at the thought I was not alone, but it only further fueled my procrastination. I figured if no-one else had handed anything in, then why should I stress about it?

I came into the office so that I could work uninterrupted. In the time that I have been here tonight I have eaten two chocolate bars, two bags of chips, one beef jerky, consumed one bottle of coke and one half bottle of water. I have spoken to two people on facebook chat, been to the bathroom three times and I am now blogging. Believe it or not this IS what I consider to be working uninterrupted!

I'd like to think that I have abandoned some of my perfectionist tendencies. I'd like to think that - but I can't. When I leave writing to this late I would LIKE to just bust something out, write it once, spellcheck it, and mail it off. But, no. I write down thoughts, then I start writing, I edit and paste, check spelling, move things, rewrite things, call my spouse and read her what I have written so far, email it to my spouse to read, then make corrections and THEN send it off. In spite of all that I HAVE managed to write one article and get it in. THEN I started on number two. Now I have to pick a topic, read the chapter, then go on line and look for any supporting ideas. Talk to my spouse about it, print off articles, read articles, then start writing down ideas.
I have 6 newspaper articles, 11 research articles, 1 book chapter and my class notes all for the second paper. I have read the chapter and the six newpaper articles, but I have to now read the 11 research articles to glean what I need before I can start writing paper number 2. What happened to bust it out? How in the name of Hades am I going to get another THREE papers written at this rate?

Oh, the things I do to myself.

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