Thursday, December 4, 2008

google me

When I enter a search into google sometimes the things that come up are completely unrelated to what I am looking for. I spend a fair amount of time googling and it can be very frustrating.

My spouse on her blog, has a way to look at the things people google that bring hits to her blog. I have always thought this was interesting but never knew how to do it on blogger - which is where I blog. Partially this is because I don't WANT to know, I am too lazy to spend the time to figure it out. If it isn't laid out for me easy peasy, then I likely won't be bothered with it.

So of course, because I have class tomorrow and I have a class presentation, major project and two papers left to finish, tonight I decided to try and find out what people were searching for when they came across my site.

You may not believe this, but "poop in the mouth" is one of them. It's true. If you go to google right now, enter "poop in the mouth" in the search box, you will be shown a link to my blog page.

That's inspiring. I don't know what bothers me more. The fact that people out there are searching for poop in the mouth, or that they are finding what they are looking for on my blog.

You know... I actually went out and tried it, and I can't find my blog on google when I enter this search. What I DID find was "dentists who poop in your mouth" and "20 reasons why dogs eat poo". I am not on the first 3 pages at least. That makes me feel a little better, but is it REALLY possible to feel better about this topic at all?

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Ranavan said...

o.k. you have me laughing so hard right now - poop in the mouth...ah ha ha ha