Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ten on tuesday: Ten Ways you can Save Money

This week the topic for ten on Tuesday is "ten ways you can save money".
Here are ten ways we try to save money.

1. Eat out less. This is not really a problem since we have lived in our new town because.... there are not a lot of places to eat out! NO burrito grande, no souper salad, no mongolian BBQ, no Ogden Pizzeria, no Natalie's. WOW, we ate out lots!
2. Use coupons from IGA to buy milk, margarine, eggs etc. The milk is a big one - We save almost four dollars per gallon of milk using the coupons.
3. Shop for bulk items at Costco. Items like dog food, Kitty litter, Diapers, Toilet paper and Coke are WAY cheaper at Costco than anywhere else.
4. While at Costco eat from all of the tester tables. If you are there long enough that can save you the cost of two meals at LEAST.
5. It WOULD save us money if I applied for a gas card from UFA. I lost my application though. You would think I would walk in and get another. You would think.
6. Going to the library for books instead of buying them. Now while this theoretically should save us money, we ALWAYS have late fees. Admittedly the late fees are not ever as much as a new book, but it bothers me to get late fees continually and we lose them, and we drop them in the tub. Another good thing about going to the library for books instead of buying them is that it is a lot easier to move houses (and keep friends) if you don't have 20 thousand boxes of books to move.
7. Blogging in the dark - that's what I am doing right now. I'm sure we are saving money on electricity.
8. Showering in the dark. I personally cannot do this but my spouse who is blind without her glasses can because she can't see anyway so why turn on the light! My two year old likes to turn the light out on me when I am in the shower but it messes up with my arm pit shaving. I occasionally have armpit mohawk as a result. I used to do morning bottle feeds in the dark also until I stepped on the head of a dead mouse and crushed it between my toes. Now the cost of electricity is not as important to me when I am on bottle duty in the middle of the night.
9. Having a really good long distance phone plan - especially if your parents live overseas and your friends live in another country. There are some crappy deals out there that can cost you a LOT of money.
10. Growing your own vegetables. This would save money. If we could ever grow anything taller than 2cm AND plant it in the ground. We have goals.

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