Monday, December 15, 2008

giving up Coke

My spouse and I discussed in passing that it might be a good idea for me to give up Coke over the holidays. Her thought was that it would be good to go through blinding caffeine withdrawals while I was at home and not at work so I could spare the people around me from my agony. I don't do pain well. Or quietly.

I think it is a good idea except that I REALLY like Coke.

1. It isn't good for me.
2. I am addicted to the caffeine.
3. I don't need the sugar.
4. I'm pretty sure I would feel healthier all around if I gave it up,
5. I may even lose some weight?

But have I mentioned that I REALLY like Coke?

I think that is pretty much the only reason I can come up with to keep drinking it, that and the blinding withdrawals I know I will go through if I give it up. I just have to be 100 percent sure that I won't start drinking it again because I have gone through this in the past, I've even managed to stay off it for a while, but there is no point in going through the withdrawal if I am just going to start drinking it again down the line.

It's not that easy of a decision - even though it should be.

Ah Coca Cola adds Life!

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