Monday, December 15, 2008

Blog Frustration (new)

So my GREEN blog background is boring and I thought I would try something new for the holiday season. Mix it up a little for the three people who come here with some regularity (maybe now it's two people?)
ANYWAY. I went out, found a cute background, followed the directions - I THOUGHT - and ended up with a really cute background but lost ALL my links! Links to blogs, links to memes, photo of Mukiwa, background music, countdown ticker to the day of our takeover. ARG!!!!!!!!
I have gone back to see if I missed a step somewhere but can't see where I missed anything.
Now I have to start over to try and recreate what was here.
I know it isn't rocket science and probably no-one noticed any of it but me, still, DANG IT.
Though my background is now festive, I am not feeling it!

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