Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ten on Tuesday; Ten Favorite Sports Moments

Ten Favorite Sports Moments: (so far I can only come up with 5...)

1. When the WNBA started up we were living in Utah and very fortunate to attend many games. At that time Tammi Reiss played for the Starzz and I loved to watch Tammi play. Although this wasn't ONE moment, it was something my spouse and I both enjoyed.

2. When I went to BYU I met a student there by the name of Frank Fredericks. He was on the BYU track team. Frank and I hit it off because #1 he is a super nice guy and #2 he is from Namibia. Frank went on to be an Olympic winner in the 200 meters in a number of Olympic events. I love to watch Frank run.
3. Also at BYU, Ty Detmer and the Cougars beat the number one ranked Miami in the fall of 1989. I was in attendance at that game and it was amazing to be a part of a home town crowd during such a significant win.
4. Ben Johnson, before being stripped of the medal, won the 100 meters sprint at the Olympics in 1988. I was a HUGE fan of Ben and was very disappointed when it turned out he was on steriods. It is still a great race to watch for me.

5. When Venus beat Serena for Wimbeldon we were watching. We love the Williams sisters, but Venus is my fave.

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