Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ten on tuesday: ten things I will do in 2009

Ten things I will do in 2009.

1. Write more letters to my sister who is a missionary.
2. Make pajamas for my sons.
3. Finish the cross stitch nativity characters for my mom.
4. Plant trees in our yard.
5. Take a FOR REAL vacation - this year I have reason to believe we will be joining my brother and his family at the lake. We have never taken a "for real" vacation since coming to Canada.
6. Procrastinate homework assignments.
7. Complete the adoption for Maximus Orellius.
8. Go on a date with my spouse.
9. See at least ONE movie in a theater with popcorn, hotdog, and LARGE coke.
10. Talk to my far away friends more frequently.

And this year, even though I SHOULDN'T because I am still in school and should be starting to work on my thesis... I will read 99 books.

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Always Faith said...

Great list. Thanks for the comment on my list. As to your question on the adoption, I'd rather not answer publicly, and I don't see your email so if you could shoot me an email, I would be more than happy to give more detail. always(dot)faith(at)yahoo(dot)com