Monday, January 12, 2009

12 of 12: January

Here is the first 12 of 12 I have ever actually participated in, even though I have thought about them for a LONG time. The host of this meme is Chad Darnell and you can check out his blog and link to other participants here.
I actually didn't take these pictures today, but my spouse took them and I am in them so it is still a record of our day.

#1. The picnic table under snow. It has been snowing here non stop for a million years.

#2. Another shot of the picnic table. It is actually snowing in this picture but Idont know if you can tell or not.

#3. This is what I came home and did today. I actually left work early because the snow was still coming and the roads were terrible. I was not interested in driving home in the dark and since we only have like ... 3 hours of sunlight a day I was not at work for long.

#4. Trying to get the snow off the very top. The ladder is a bit precarious.

#6. Moving all my implements to the front yard

#7. I decided to fall backwards off the deck into the snow.

#8. Evidence that I really did it.

#9. WOO HOO! That rocked. Getting up was not so easy.

#10. Zuva realized I was needing some assistance and came to help. Yes. The snow is to my thighs.

The MD ploughs come and plough out the driveway. We have a LONG driveway which I could not dig myself out of in the 11 months of winter we have, so this visit makes my day.

#12. He came to the door and brought Max a snowball because we were waving to him out the door. This is the ONLY way to clear the driveway.


Dogeared said...

Holy cow, that is a LOT of snow!! I like snow, but not sure I could have that much, for that long!

Welcome to 12 of 12, hope you enjoyed it!

Helen (Dogeared, 12er)

cheapblueguitar said...

Nice round of photos for your first 12 of 12. Brrrr. Chilly.