Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ten on Tuesday; ten favorite items of clothing

This weeks topic is ten favorite of clothing. Click on the logo to check out others favorite clothing items.

#1. I have a lucky pair of underwear. Much to my mother's chagrin I LOVE to wear boxer shorts. A little over five years ago when I moved from Utah, my friends put together a package for me. Included in that package were two pairs of boxer shorts. Yeah, I suppose it's a LITTLE strange to have friends buy you underwear, but hey, we were just that close. My favorite pair, my LUCKY pair, is covered with flaming chili peppers. I have worn them to job interviews underneath formal clothing - and got the jobs! It might be ALMOST as disturbing to have a pair of underwear over five years old as it is to have friends given them to me.

#2. My pink pajama pants. Mr. Claus brings pajamas to our family every Christmas eve. Two years ago I got a pair of pink fuzzy pajamas. I LOVE the pants of this set and wear them as often as I can. The ONLY thing that would make them impossible to remove is if they had pockets.

#3. My Canterbury Rugby Shirts. My parents purchased some canterbury rugby shirts for me for Christmas. They are great colors and super comfy and have REAL rugby buttons. I would look better in them if I lost 30 pounds right in the chestage area.

#4. Birkenstocks . I don't have any right now, but they are my favorite and I WILL have another pair this summer.

#5.Ballcaps. My favorite ball cap was a green Seattle Sonics cap which I lost somewhere between Utah and here when we moved in 2004. I replaced it with a green Riddler cap which has now stretched and isn't really functional anymore. I must have a thing for green. I have other caps, but not a favorite anymore. I will have to go on a search.

#6. Birthday Suit Just kidding. I am checking to see if you are paying attention.


#8.Weber State Sweatshirt. I have worn it for so long that the sleeves are all unravelling. It makes me sad cause it is too comfy.

#9.Red Incredibles T-shirt. Aside of the fact that kids LOVE it and tell me what a great shirt it is when I wear it, this shirt was purchased in the Disney Store for a whopping 4 bucks. I actually love my t-shirts generally, but this is a favorite among favorites.

#10.Old Navy Jeans . My Old Navy jeans are my most comfortable jeans. I am lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to work. HOO RAH!

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