Thursday, January 15, 2009

The end of a good thing

How do you know when a good thing has ended and it's time to say goodbye? I suppose in some instances this is obvious, but in the case of my shoe I just can't get there.

I love shoes. I own SEVEN pairs of shoes. I have to confess I have never looked at a pair of pumps and gone "goo goo" over them. I love doc martens, vans, hiking books and Birkenstocks. I would happily own lots and lots of them but I don't.

I had one pair of Birkenstocks which I broke this summer when I fell down the stairs in the dark at my friends place. I think her dog ate the other one.
I have a pair of new doc martens which I also love, but I haven't broken them in and that takes some commitment which I don't feel up to right now.

Here is my COMPLETE shoe inventory:
1 pair slippers - I got them for Christmas and have no idea where they are.
1 pair brown "semi-dress" shoes which I have had for about 6 years? (21 bucks at payless, 2 for 1)
1 pair black slip on semi dress shoes - same age as brown ones (21 bucks at payless)
1 pair new doc martens - they have been "new" for over a year, I bought them to wear for a class presentation and wore them once
1 pair white runners - 3+ years old - worn three times? They are my "work out shoes".
1 pair winter boots - purchased this week.
1 pair brown gardening shoes
My brown shoes photographed here.

This means I have ONE pair of shoes which I wear every day to work.
Sometime in the past few months my son helped me to make a hole in the leather which is expanding daily.
This is the only pair of shoes I have right now that I consider good enough to wear to work - in a pinch I have my gardening shoes. I do suppose it is time to get another pair but I can't bear the though of throwing these out. They are so comfy. The soles are still great. They have seen me through so much. I think they are a few years old and though I LOVE to buy shoes I just can't seem to let go (and I've been accused of being commitment phobic)!

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Anonymous said...

I love shoes! Comfy shoes, pretty shoes with spiky heels and everything in between. Just like you, I have a hard time getting rid of my favorites even when they get all torn up!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!