Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ten on tuesday: ten things I am good at

Check out this link if you are interested in seeing what others are good at.
Here are my ten for the week.

1. Knowing the lyrics to songs, and singing along. I know a LOT of lyrics to a LOT of songs. (This knowledge does not extend to country songs however). I also know the lyrics to tv commerical jingles. Sad but true.

2. Laughing. I love laughing, I love making people laugh. My family has a great sense of humor especially.

3. Reading. I can read fast and retain a lot. My mom one time did not believe I had read a book as fast as I said I had. She quizzed me on the contents of the book and I passed! I can skim something and get a lot out of it which helps immensely being in school again. I LOVE to read and I am sad that I have no good books at home right now.

4. Finding things on the internet for my mom. My mom enlists my help from time to time to find things on the internet to help her with whatever project she is working on. I am pretty good at finding whatever she needs.

5. Cross-stitch. Unfortunately with a toddler and a baby in the house I have put aside my cross stitch for a long time. I love to cross stitch and I am good at it - ESPECIALLY the back! They are so neat! Though I am good at cross stitch I am not good at keeping track of my needles and my spouse finds them poked into armchairs and other things - hence I am not doing any with little ones in the house.

6. Getting good grades. I like school. I am not a nerd! I enjoy the "game" of getting good grades. In spite of what my spouse will say - I do NOT kiss up to the teachers!

7. Staying calm. This is a bit of a funny one. I would not describe myself as a calm person and yet there are situations where I can stay as cool as a cucumber. I haven't always been able to do this, in fact I have only mastered it in the past few years. There are times (in my job) where someone will be yelling at me and I can literally feel myself getting calmer as they get more agitated. Unfortunately I have not mastered this in ALL aspects of my life and my 2 year old can sure get me riled!

8. Procrastinating. The more I have to do the better I am at this. I am also very good at meeting deadlines, so the procrastination thing seems to work for me, though I know it can infuriate those around me.

9. Sleeping. With a baby in the house my spouse and I have been taking turns with him at night. I am pretty good on my nights to be awake and I get up with him and hear him stirring before he wakes. If it is NOT my night to be awake I can tune him out completely and hear NADA. I can sleep anytime and through anything. I can take a nap in the middle of the morning, afternoon, evening, and still sleep through the night. my spouse will say - did you hear the plough in the driveway? nope. Did you hear the dogs barking? nope. Did you hear Max singing? Nope.
I'm sorry honey - did you say something?

10. Lite brite. I can bust out a wicked picture on the litebrite. You heard it here first folks.

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