Wednesday, May 13, 2009
I have posted twice this year about goals for the year and I thought it might be time to do another follow up. We are almost half way done with this year already - can you believe it?
Ten things I will do in 2009.

1. Write more letters to my sister who is a missionary. FAIL. I am so far behind on this goal I am embarrassed. Who doesn't write to their sister? every day I don't do this I feel more guilty and fall further behind.

2. Make pajamas for my sons. TOTALLY bought a pattern this weekend when I was at school. Look at me moving forward!

3. Finish the cross stitch nativity characters for my mom. I got the stuff out of the closet and somehow it was put BACK into the closet. One step forward, one step back. hey - at least steps forward and back is movement!

4. Plant trees in our yard.

When I last updated this there was four feet of snow in the yard. Then the snow melted. Then yesterday it snowed again. I am fairly certain we will be planting trees this year, we just need summer to arrive.

5. Take a FOR REAL vacation - I don't know what has happened to this goal. it seems to have fallen to the back burner. We NEED to do it, but will we?

6. Procrastinate homework assignments. You know I don't need help with this one. When I set this as a goal I did it in the hopes that one thing out of my list of ten would be accomplished. Alas. I am in class right now and reading assignments ON time. I have started working on my thesis and have a draft handed in and returned for redrafting. I am not procrastinating NEARLY as well as I know I am able.

7. Complete the adoption for Maximus Orellius. Well, we met with the worker and things are moving forward I suppose as slowly as they do. In the meantime we have been following up with visits to the pediatrician, audiologist, nutritionist, etc. Maxi is doing VERY well and we are moving forward! Who knows when the adoption itself will be complete.

8. Go on a date with my spouse. We haven't been on a date. We did manage to make it out of town to attend a conference. While we were there we went to a restaurant WITHOUT children and we went to the library. I dunno, maybe I should count that as a date since we are old married people it night not get better than the library!

9. See at least ONE movie in a theater with popcorn, hotdog, and LARGE coke. Nope.

10. Talk to my far away friends more frequently. .
So I am definitely doing better on this one in some areas and not in others. I have managed to talk to David this year but the call put me into a wicked funk and I haven't seemed to pull out of it. Louie has been travelling and we haven't talked as much as we usually do, and email has been keeping me in touch with Mel and Cam. So I am doing better but not as good as I would like. Oh well. Something is better than nothing!

It appears as though I am FURTHER behind than I was when I did this review in March. Oh dear. I have some work to do.

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