Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sarah Richardson

I said earlier I would post on Sarah Richardson and so here you have it.

Who the FREAK is this person? Last night I fell asleep with the television on. My spousal unit has taken it upon herself to rearrange the house (which she does ) and we have a television in the bedroom again. I know, I know, this isn't what a bedroom is for, however it is the way the house is currently arranged and I like it. So HA!

So.. I fell asleep. I was sleeping and dreaming and the television volume wasn't even that high because the baby is in a crib in our room and he was also sleeping. The television was on HGTV and "Sarah's Cottage" came on. I am not kidding you when I say this - her ANNOYING voice RIPPED into my delightful slumber and yanked me into semi-consciousness. When my spouse heard me get up she asked what had woken me, to which I responded "SARAH @#&^@#% RICHARDSON". I kid you not. Her voice even annoys me in my sleep.

I have googled her to try and find out WHO she is and WHY she is so dang popular. I cannot find ANYTHING about her online other than she is some fancy designer who has these shows on HGTV and her own design company.

I would also like to point out at this time that she has absolutely NO knowledge or sense when it comes to construction (here is a comment my friend Ranavan made:) "Who the heck does hardwood floor BEFORE the exterior of the house is finished. Then when it rains and ruins the hardwood floor doesn't think "hmmmmm...I should wait until the exterior is done before I redo the hardwood floor." Oh no, instead she does the floor rains she is redoing the hardwood a third time. Sheesh! And then to top it all off - she paints it!! Paints a beautiful maple hardwood floor!!!!!!! Now you can't even tell it is hardwood. Aaarrggh! Lady!"

Right now she has a show on HGTV Canada where she is either building or renovating a cottage. I am certain she is making some kind of money from HGTV and I have no idea where she comes by the rest of her money, but I have absolutely NO interest in watching some self aggrandizing know it all spend a BOAT load of money so I can watch her build her OWN cottage. I don't know why this interests anyone to tell you the truth, to watch a show with someone who obviously thinks so highly of themselves and their own skills, doing what I consider to be showing off how much money they have to live a life of luxury.

Needless to say I was completely unimpressed that she woke me up and I WISH my PVR had some kind of a device on it where I could permanently delete programs that annoy me as much as she does. I can only imagine what HGTV is going to pay her to do for herself next.


Anonymous said...

Buddy, I know exactly how you feel. MY wife loves the show but for some reason I found her demeanor extremely self righteous, now I don't know her personally but that is what I got from watching her television program. I hope she is not like this in reality, as I would feel really sorry for her kids and husband.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the woman, for all the reasons you mentioned. I find her to be prissy and totally oblivious. I don't understand why anybody watches her shows, which are all about her.
She really needs a decent haircut.

Anonymous said...

Geesh people - mean much?

lovesmukiwa said...

well here's the thing.
Since this is my blog and my opinions I am entitled to them
Sarah Richardson gets paid RIDICULOUS amounts of money to share her opinions which I do not agree with. Since you think I am so mean why did you post here #1 and why post as anonymous #2?

Anonymous said...

Hello Buddy. I am a woman, a design fanatic and I completely agree with you. I stopped watching her when for the umpteenth time, she would extol her amazing "economical finds" involving an army that would feed a small army.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I love HGTV so i gave her a chance on what she had to say and offer. But I soon realized that she is so boring with her style. Granted its chick and nice, its however nothing great. Always white, pale colors and same same same all over the place. Also she loves to spend too much money. She rarely seems to stay under budget. She knows little to nothing about proper construction rules, and always self absorbed with her annoying voice. Come on HGTV there are way more talented and less self center designers out there.