Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Cities

Here are my top ten cities in no particular order...

1. Washington D.C.

I LOVE the history here and the museums. My spouse and I have yet to travel here together, but we will.

2. New Orleans.

Love the food, love the ambiance, love the history... I wish there were more interest in preserving and rebuilding this great city. What has happened here is a blemish on the history of the USA - right from the failure of the levees to the response of the government and the overall treatment of people here.

3. Gweru, Zimbabwe.

There are not very many pictures out there of Gweru and so this is an OLD photo. The clock no longer exists and I am certain my memory is what makes this place great and not the reality of it today.

4. Singapore.

What an amazing place. I am SOOOO very happy I was able to visit here while my parents still lived here. The culture and the city itself is just remarkable.

5. San Francisco.

Until just a few years ago I had never travelled here, nor did I have a desire to. Once I went I fell in love and would love to go back and spend more time being a tourist than we were able to.

6. Park City.

I loved to drive up here with my spouse whenever we had the opportunity. One would think living in Utah we would have gone to the Sundance festival but of course we didn't. I still love Park City in all seasons - to visit of course - too rich for my blood.

7. Bellingham, Wa.

I lived in Bellingham for only a few months, but long enough to fall in love with it. Small town feel, college community, great overall place to be.

8. Ogden, Ut.

It wasn't until we left that i appreciated how much I loved Ogden. Driving up and down I-15 I always saw the worst of it and thought it was a grimy, gross place to be. I miss it now though and wish I had appreciated it when I was there. Exit the freeway and you enter a whole different community!

9. Seattle, Wa

I LOVE Seattle. If I had to pick one place to be I would likely pick Seattle. I can't say enough about this great place.

10. Jasper, Alberta, Canada.
I think there might be a theme in my selections. I miss the mountains and the ocean! How on earth did I end up inland - close to the prairies?!

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perpstu said...

What great pictures! I always undervalued Ogden when we lived there and now I miss it! We are going to Park City next month on vacation so I'm sure we will drive around through all the old neighborhoods....

I love your list, it makes me want to travel!