Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ten on tuesday: ten favorite places to shop.

So... Here we go. The topic for the week is ten of my favorite places to shop. I can honestly say I am NOT a good shopper. The shopping genes in my family belong to my father and my sisters. I hate grocery shopping. I almost LOATHE grocery shopping. Shopping tires me out and makes me grumpy.
When I am extremely well rested I can manage going into one or two places but that's about all.
For this reason I LOVE shopping on the internet and through catalogues.
That said, I don't do a lot of catalogue or internet shopping!
So I am going to give this a shot, but I am certain there are some "real" shoppers out there who will be disappointed in my list.

1. Bookstores. I adore bookstores. I could spend a LOT of time in bookstores or libraries, basically anywhere there is books. When we went to a conference in another community my spouse and I went to the library. Who does that? We are book nerds for sure. I think that this is probably the one place I could be for hours on end and not realize it.
2. Lee Valley. http://www.leevalley.com/
For anyone new to the blog, you may not know I am obsessed with all things related to pruning. Lee valley has a catalogue which I positively drool over. My spouse recently purchased me some felco pruning shears from Lee Valley.
3. Shepherds Bush http://www.shepherdsbush.net/
One of my all time favorite hobbies is cross stitching. When I lived I Ogden I never knew (ok I KINDA knew) the gem of a cross stitch store that I had right in m y own backyard. I LOVED every minute I spent in this store and since we have moved I have never found another like it. I miss it desperately and I would shop here in an instant if I was ever presented the opportunity again.
4. E-Bay I have actually found some pretty stuff on E-Bay. I have to be careful though cause I keep getting burned by the dang shipping fees. I was addicted a while to the whole bidding thing so I stopped myself from going there for a while.
5. Overstock.com. I like to shop online as I previously mentioned. Overstock. com has some RIDICULOUS deals.
6. Old Navy. I pretty much buy my jeans and t-shirts from Old Navy. Since I only wear jeans and t-shirts i guess you could say I buy my whole wardrobe at old Navy. Even my underwear!
7. Hardware stores. I don't know that I have always enjoyed shopping in hardware stores but I might lose my lesbian certificate if Home depot weren't on my list. (And I do like power tools.)
8. Ikea. There is no Ikea within hundreds of kilometers of our home, but I take every opportunity I can get to visit Ikea with my spouse.(everything is more fun to do with my spouse - if we are on time!) I love everything in this world - it's big enough to be a planet unto itself - I even like the food!
9. Local Farmers Markets Surprisingly we have lived in or town for over five years and as of yet we have not made it to our own farmer's market. This surprises me because I LOVE them typically. Last week when I was in a different town for school I even went to their local market on my lunch break. It sometimes disappoints me that they can turn in to "elitist" places and not places to get home grown, good food cheaply.
10. The Discovery Store. http://store.discovery.com/ There was a discovery store in the mall in Salt Lake City which we would visit after we finished in Barnes and Nobles. I loved the cool things in this store, even though I never actually purchased anything here because the prices were a little higher than I felt I wanted to pay, it was still a favorite place for window shopping.


frenchkys said...

eBay...I enjoy finding cool stuff on there, too. And selling, too. :)

Teena in Toronto said...

I forgot about IKEA! I love IKEA!

I played too :)