Tuesday, May 5, 2009

living in a small town

We live in a small town, which I am certain I have mentioned before.

Today I went to the post office to pick up our mail and as I was walking in, the bank manager was walking out and held the door. I said "thank-you" and she responded with "You're welcome Julie."

I don't care how long I live here this will NEVER stop freaking me out. I don't mind being greeted by name in places where I go frequently and spend a lot of money (like the vet for example). I figure they see me often enough and they take enough of my money that they SHOULD know my name. I looked down to see if I had a name tag on, but it has been years since I wore a nametag. (Thankfully the lady I work with told me my shirt was on backwards BEFORE I went to the bank!)

However, I have been INTO the bank a total of five times in my entire time here and in each of those cases I have never dealt with the bank manager. I pay all my bills online, my pay is automatically deposited. It is unnerving.

THEN... as I was sorting the junk mail at the bins someone said "Hello Julie" and it was the owner of the pizza place. Really?

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