Saturday, May 2, 2009

Letter to C-note 10 months

Hey there my smiley dude.
I can't believe you are already ten months old this month. As I type I have just laid you down to sleep. You are teething right now and not having an easy time of it. You have one tooth already and it is the CUTEST tooth ever - right at the bottom in the middle of your mouth. You have some difficulty with teething because your gums keep swelling and so the tooth pokes out and then when the gums swell it goes back. The past few days you have had a fever and your cheeks are rosy, rosy red. We can already see the second tooth trying to cut through but I don't know how long it will be until it arrives permanently.
Your mom has spoiled you horribly and she rocks you to sleep no matter if it is night time or nap time. I think she loves holding you more than you love being held if that is possible. Unfortunately it means we have to hold you EVERY time you need to fall asleep. (You will learn as you grow up it isn't a good idea to disagree with your mother !)
You also "hum" when you are falling to sleep. You are all around cute, cute, cute, and OH, have I mentioned your little wave yet? You wave hello and I just melt whenever I see you.
I don't know if you can tell from this letter or not that I am completely in love with you!
You are growing like a little weed. We had to get you some clothing because nothing that belonged to Maxie seems to fit you. You are wearing all year old clothing even though you are only ten months old. We had you measured and you are still a little shorty but pack quite the heft!
You are crawling and pulling yourself up on things so it is time to "re"baby proof the house. I am pretty sure your mom is excited about getting to do that because she really likes that kind of thing - She really likes telling me what to do - but you probably already noticed that! I am loving your growing up, even though your tooth is a little sharp when you teeth on my fingers now.
You love the bath, and you love the pets and your big brother. You and I hang out and watch tv together because you will actually sit still for longer than a minute. Unfortunately you are also a LOT more interested in my books than Max ever has been - and you eat them, which is hard to explain to the librarian. I am thinking of taking you into the library and actually letting the librarian see you eat a book so she believes me and doesn't thing I am using the library as my personal book ordering club.
Anyway little man. I have to sign off now because you are fussing - imagine that! You were perfectly fine hanging out in my arms, but I got CRAZY and laid you in your crib. My bad!!

I love you,
Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine.

Love mommy.

P.s. Dear C-note. I am adding this little post script the day after I wrote you the letter. More specifically the morning after a HEINOUS night with you and your teething. You fussed, and you fussed, and you FUSSED all night long but you were mostly "sleeping" while you were fussing. We held you, rocked you, held you, rocked you, and finally I got up and rocked you in the rocking chair until you fell asleep. You would fall asleep and then in just a few minutes start crying and crying. It was a painfully long night. We do not like it when you are in pain, but you are sleeping peacefully now - you fell asleep when the sun came up... what is that about?

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