Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12 of 12. May

Welcome to my 12 of 12 for the month of May. This is the brainchild of Chad Darnell. You can check out other participants by linking HERE.
I had a late start to the day today.
When we woke up this morning it had been snowing already for a few hours. It put such a kink in my day I never recovered.
1. 8:30 am
My spousal unit has started some plants in the house. It's a good thing they haven't made it into the ground already because the snow today would have killed them.
2. 9:30 am
When I am trying to get out of the house quickly I seem to do best by getting Max ready and sending him out the door while I get everything else together. When I came out to put him in the van he was hard at work (as always) doing what? Why mowing the snow of course!

3. 10:30 am.
Finally made it in to work today. I've been late two consecutive days now and I am frustrated with myself. I HATE being late and I have no idea what is happening to me. I did get a new pair of shoes this weekend (which I LOVE) but I even had to wear my boots into work and change into my shoes because I didn't want to wear them in the snow the second time I ever put them on.
4. Noon.
I am working on my thesis and desperately needing to get organised. I took some time today to start putting together files of my research. Thesis writing is directly related to killing trees. I am certain I will update this file photo picture as I progress with my writing to illustrate what I mean.
5. 4:30
Time to start working editing my proposal. I sent my proposal draft to my supervisor and she returned it. I took this picture to illustrate how much it has been "marked on" by her. There are about 20 other pages and they all look similar. I have a lot of revisions to make!

6. 2pm.
Did I mention it was slow in the office today? When it is slow I like to take time and clean up stuff that tends to "accumulate" over the term. Here is a keg I confiscated - students are not permitted kegs in residence. I picked that bad boy up with one hand thinking it was empty and it wasn't. I almost broke every bone from my wrist to my ankle but at that point I put on a brave face and hauled it to my office. It took me forever to recover, but didn't harm my reputation with students! Now I have to get rid of it. I have no idea WHAT to do with it exactly, so it will sit here until another slow day. (It is blocking my access to my punching bag!)

7. 3:30pm

I have been getting in LOADS of reading for class today. Not what I am supposed to be doing I think, but since I can't do anything with the keg..... This is binder number one of two I have for this class. Look at me getting class work done ahead of time!

8. 5:00pm.

The people I work with totally make me laugh. You know EVERYONE in the office is having a slow week when lost sunglasses clips get a pair of eyes in the window.

9. 5:04pm

All the snow has melted. HIP HIP HOORAY! too bad the forecast for Sunday is another 10cm of the white stuff. Will Summer EVER get here?

10. 5:15pm

What would a day be without a little farm town? If I can't plant a garden in real life then I can at least plant on facebook. (Shawanda - is the picture too small? Can you see what is sitting on the bottom left corner of the computer?)

11. 10:12 pm

Trying to keep my phone charged is driving me insane. It loses it's charge daily, often more than once a day. It is charging in the office right now, but then I forget it which is less effective.

12. 10:14pm. Living in the north definitely has it's benefits. This is what it looks like outside at 10pm at night. Unfortunately I think those are snow clouds building in the west.

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Dogeared said...

The FarmTown sounded interesting, so I went looking for it, but couldn't find it. I found MyCity though, so I'm gonna give that a try!

Good luck with all the revisions!

Sorry I'm so behind on commenting - been a very busy time with lots of travel! Even my 12 of 12 was only up on the 15th!