Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Handwriting exams

Coming up in just over a week I have an exam in one of my masters classes. This exam is a closed book essay question exam consisting of two questions worth 40 percent of my final mark. That means that each question is worth 20 percent of my final grade.
The professor for this class has given us in advance the instructions he would like us to follow and a selection of questions we may use to prepare for the exam.
I have no real "test anxiety" the way others I know have. I have no fear of writing. I am confident that if i spend the time I SHOULD to prepare as I would like to that I will be satisfactorily prepared to write the exam.
Here is my problem. It has to be HANDWRITTEN. I cannot even THINK of the last time I hand wrote anything of comparable length. I am not a good typist, I type with two fingers on my right hand and three on my left, but I can type almost as fast as I can think. I cannot write NEARLY as fast as I can type and I am having some stress about writing.
How strange is that?

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Teena in Toronto said...

My handwriting has gotten sooooooooooooo messy in the last few years. I'm so dependent upon typing.

Good luck on your exam!