Thursday, May 28, 2009


In the spirit of some other posts I have started this week which focus on my family, this is my brother and his kids. I am probably biased, but I think they are all ridiculously good looking. I did get permission from my bro (also known as "Raisin Bran Man") to post his pictures here and he did ask me to post some of all the family and not just his ridiculous good looks. Somehow his wife is missing, but I will track down a photo of her to add soon.

They welcomed a new baby into their home just a few weeks ago. Here he is in the hospital with his dad....

and his brother....

I will just add that the little guy pictured above holding the baby looks IDENTICAL to my brother when he was that age.

I was old enough when J4 was born that I remember holding him and looking after him. For some reason because of the age difference we were able to bond in a different way than I was able to with my siblings closer in age to me. While I get along with all of my sibs, J4 and I have more memories from his youth- I was old enough to drive us places and had a cool job where I got tickets to events like WWF wrestling.

We don't live close enough to any of my family and I miss them a lot more now that we all have kids the same ages and we are more mature. Sometimes it takes a long time in life to come to the place where we appreciate what we HAD.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Those kids are just way too cute!

Which jr. high did you go to ... my sister went to Malcolm Monroe.