Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen; Thing to juggle with new baby in the house

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Yesterday my spouse picked up a foster baby right from the hospital. We also picked up Maxie right out of the hospital but he was already a month old. This little baby is a few days old and only weighed 4 pounds 6 ounces. He has absolutely NOTHING and literally was taken home in a hospital baby gown. All of the stuff we have from Max is too big.

Here are 13 things that we will need to juggle over the next little while, now that we have a baby in the house.

1. Juggling the time with baby and toddler, getting a new baby was a complete shock and we were not prepared, nor did we have time to prepare our little man.
2. Getting all the things we need to get through the next few days with baby ... diapers, face cloths, diaper cream, formula etc.
3. Arranging a schedule to look after a baby who can only eat an ounce at a time and is awake a LOT. MY Spousal unit and I BOTH need to sleep or we cease to function, so we have to work out sleeping time vs caring for baby time.
4. I am in my last week of one of my grad classes. I have an IMMENSE amount of homework to be completed in one week and ready to hand in.
5. Home visits with baby and mom.
6. Chores at home. My spouse really keeps the house running. Having a baby means she will have less time to work around the house while I am gone and we will have to revist the balance of what needs to be done and how I can be supportive.
7. Time for the pets. We are babysitting two dogs for one of our friends while she is on vacation. We will have four doggies in the house for a week that will need some attention.
8. Bathtime.
9. I think I just gave up on any of my summertime television viewing, so I don't know that it will really be "juggled" as much as "abandoned".
10. I HOPE we can juggle sleeping in and afternoon naps, because I would hate to have to give them up!
11. Blogging will have to be juggled. We have such a lousy time trying to connect to the internet from home and so with this new addition I think getting to the computer will be more difficult.
12. Sleeping.
13. Sleeping.

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