Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh MAN I want one of these!

We have a pretty big yard - a few acres. There is LOTs and LOTs of work to do to make it into the paradise we envision. My spousal Unit and I are somewhat nerdy about gardening equipment and when we get the gardening catalogues (which my geekier spouse subscribes to) we oogle over the cool gardening implements that we can't afford.
Today on boingboing I saw this and I fell in love.
I am SURE there is a place for this in our yard.


Ranavan said...

ah ha ha ha! I love it! You should definitely get it and then send me some photos of you all hanging out with having a picnic or playing frisbee or decorated like Santa for much fun!

JCB said...

we can take it on vacations with us all over the world and take pictures of it in every location - we can all pose the same way. LOL