Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I like plants. I have an office pretty full of them. I used to have an office with a window but I was moved from that office into a windowless hole (I'm not bitter) and my plants suffered through the move almost as much as I did. So I went out and bought special lights for my office that are plant lights. well the plant lights emit a pinkish glow and it took a while to get used to. We make jokes in the office about my pink lights. I think pretty much everyone is used to them now, but when some new walks into the office they inevitably comment about my plants.
I don't name all my plants but I do name some of them.

I have two "areas" of responsibility and in one of the areas I have taken some plants from my office (when I downsized I lost space also and some plants needed to be relocated). George was one who went to the other location. Well George was growing nicely, doing well in his new home, and one day when I went over, he was broken off right at the base of his stem and laying on the ground. It took some effort to break him because #1 he is not a small plant, and #2 he was not in the way of anything. Of course no-one had any idea what had happened, no-one saw anything and certainly no-one admitted to doing it. Well I nourished George back to life, helped him to grown some new roots and replanted him. So far he is doing well.

George is office mates with Lazarus. I don't know where Lazarus came from, but he has been close to death a number of times and brought back from the brink each time. recently he has been doing VERY well and I have been pleased with his progress. So the other day I go over to this area - where George and Lazarus dwell and Lazarus has been banished by some unknown person (AGAIN with the anonymous plant hater) and has been unwatered and in the dark. AGAIN Lazarus is on the brink of death. So I bring him into the light and water him, but admittedly he looks worse for the wear and it will take some tlc to bring him back to his glory.

Of course, no-one has any idea what could possibly have happened. I stood and talked about this AT the desk. Now this area I am speaking of is the reception area for two different organizations who share the same administrative staff. I am in charge of the staff of the administration area, but not in charge of the staff who work at the other facility. When I was talking about the plight of Lazarus there were staff present from both facilities. One of the people present commented that he didn't like plants but said not a word about moving or having moved, or wanting to move Lazarus.

SOOOOO..... ( I know you see where this is going) TODAY Lazarus is found AGAIN relegated to dark windowless room and AGAIN no-one will admit to knowing anything. But because I am hooked into the underground, I found out that it was this plant hating staff who moved it because he hates how it looks.

Grow some roots asshole. I was standing right there and you didn't say a word about hating my plant. Don't just move it so it will die.

Lazarus is moving today - to the pink room.

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