Wednesday, July 2, 2008

nablopomo: food

Really, I don't know why I am trying this again.

At the beginning of every month I think THIS will be the month that I participate in the Nablopomo challenge and blog every single day on the topic given. Every month I manage one blog and then the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket. Down, down, down, in a burning ring of fire.

Already I missed day one which should be an indicator of a lost cause, but here I am, trying to relive the pain of failed new years resolutions on a monthly basis.

The topic this month is food.

I love garlic bread. I suppose we could make our own, but I like to buy it in the grocery store in the foil wrapper and take it home to make it. For some reason, and this has not always been the case, but for some reason we burn garlic bread EVERY time we try to make it at my house. My spousal unit was burning it, but she is a super woman and is constantly multi tasking - she has about ten projects on the go at any one moment in time. I thought maybe the whole burning of garlic bread was because she was trying to do too many things and lacking the "finesse" it takes to watch a foil container in the over for 5 minutes. When she asked me if I would like to take over the responsibility of making garlic toast, I jumped at the chance to change our luck.

Well, we are truly cursed. I have burned it EVERY time I have tried to make it. This is bread that's ALREADY made people. ALREADY made. All I have to do is watch it for 3-5 minutes while the butter melts. Yeah, I am admitting that I can't even make toast.

Last night we were making supper, feeding kids in a rotation and I was put in charge of one thing - the garlic toast. I checked on it and it wasn't ready, so I stepped away for ONE second to refill a drink, give the baby some more chicken and put M into the highchair. I turned around to BILLOWING black smoke coming from the oven. now, I know I abandoned my post, but in less than a minute it went from "almost done" to "charred"? That's just not right.

Don't worry. It hasn't beaten me yet. We'll be eating toast with scraped off burnt stuff until I beat this thing. I think I have bad garlic karma. I wonder what I did in a past life to earn me that distinction?

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